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LIVE 2012! WELCOME is proud to host HUMPH LAUGHTON's weekly OVER THE HUMP(H) BLOG to get you thru the hardest of weeks. 


It's a time of transition in the Humph house and going thru some possessions I found the only extant picture of my childhood cat Shakespeare- see below. For all the loss and sadness that welled up within me, I couldn't help but also remember his zest for life, the joy he took in everything and his enormous charisma.

Arsenal's  French football /soccer manager Arsene Wenger once said that anything done well enough reaches the level of art. (This goal is one of many that might prove that to soccer cynics, tho it's individual skill in a team sport and notably not scored by an Arsenal player.) The phrase came to mind as, misty eyed about poor long-dead Shakespeare, I sat at my computer - an under-employed ethno-musicologist -  searching cute cat videos and MIRACULOUSLY found perhaps the Sistine Chapel ceiling of the genre: 'HENRI PART2' THIS IS HYSTERICAL: CES'T MAGNIFIQUE M.WILL BRADEN

Having thus spontaneously examined my life from the twin perspectives of Henri's ennui and Shakespeare's vigor I set about laughing not crying and resolved to wave not drown. Is it coincidence that I've been invited to work on the prestigious 2012 A SHAKESPEARE ODDITY? I don't know but the last year has seen me survive a very close call with a pack of dogs and some very unpleasant name-calling. Looking forward it is as if Shakespeare is telling me to grasp the mantle*, open my mouth wide and sing out - animals remind us to live in the present even tho they leave us, and getting people to sing can in itself be an art! To bowdlerize the bible some, 'if Shakespeare is behind me who can be against me?' Hoorah! Any volunteers? Join in and with me thru this blog and the FUN WITH SONG videos and see if I can keep it up.
Humph Laughton is the online home for all the theatre, clowning, news and sundry fun activities of Stephen Wisker & The Such Stuff Ensemble.

The site is designed equally with actors and audiences in mind. Check back for frequent updates, information, daftness and laughter and 
e me if you fail to laugh on two successive visits to the site.

As a public service in these difficult times, on each page you'll find a "BE NOT AFEARD" tab. Inspired by Douglas Adam's inscription of "DON'T PANIC" on the back of his proto-internet, "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy", clicking the tab will immediately take you, if only briefly, to stress relieving content of one form or another.

Orran Farmer (Hamlet) Jennifer Grant (Ophelia)  Hamlet directed by Stephen Wisker
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