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Acting and Theatre Clowning Workshops

Stephen Wisker talking stagecraft at Chicago Directors Lab 2006 

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all the theatre,clowning, news and sundry fun activities of Stephen Wisker & The Such StuffEnsemble.

The SUCH STUFF STORIES on the homepage is the place to start and find both useful information and/or diverting links and stories. The site is designed equally with actors and audiences in mind. Check back for frequent updates, information, daftness and laughter and 

email the webmaster if you fail to laugh on two successive visits to the site.

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I have worked with Stephen many times, both in private lessons and in stage productions.  I can honestly say that every time we have collaborated it has been a complete pleasure.  Stephen is an extraordinary director and teacher.  He is playful and insightful and one of the most informed and intelligent people I have ever worked with.  It is very easy to trust him, to simply put yourself in his hands and let the work happen.  Everything is in, and sometimes those things you don't think will work will be the exact catalyst that brings out the perfect moment.  Feeling safe with a director/teacher is so necessary in situations like that, and Stephen keeps you feeling secure.  As a teacher I cannot recommend him more and as a director I hope to work with him many more times, both in Shakespearean text and whatever else comes along!
No.1 in a series; "Old Age From Life".

Squirt, his bed and the laundry basket...RIP Major, we miss you x


A regular drop-in play-session workshop based in theatre clowning and using songs, games and improvisation to develop crucial theatre skills. No preparation required, come dressed for contact improv, expect a dash of Elizabethan bawdry along with some refreshing and challenging creative play. 

Pay What You Can $5 - $20, 

Holla to reserve a spot or with any questions.

Further details below...

Starting from a place of fun and 'play' the 90 minute Class or 'play session' moves over three, roughly equal, sections:
  • The warm up works through laughter to heightened focus and group awareness. This often involves all sorts of silliness, games old and new. 
  • From here we move to exercises and games based in Elizabethan clowning that look at talking to the audience, upstaging or other storytelling techniques. 
  • Finally, this leads into more structured group work that takes the focus, complicite and receptivity achieved and applies it to a task, a lazzi or scene that gets worked through and staged. 
No two sessions are alike and all are welcome!
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