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Stephen Wisker talking stagecraft at Chicago Directors Lab 2006 

is the home for 

all the theatre,clowning, news and sundry fun activities of Stephen Wisker & The Such StuffEnsemble.

The SUCH STUFF STORIES on the homepage is the place to start and find both useful information and/or diverting links and stories. The site is designed equally with actors and audiences in mind. Check back for frequent updates, information, daftness and laughter and 

email the webmaster if you fail to laugh on two successive visits to the site.

As a public service in these difficult times, on each page you'll find a "BE NOT AFEARD" tab. Inspired by Douglas Adam's inscription of "DON'T PANIC" on the back of his proto-internet, "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy", clicking the tab will immediately take you, if only briefly to stress relieving content of one form or another.


Later in the year a more comprehensive list of links to interesting theatre company websites and online diversions will emerge. 

In the meantime, the following are the online offerings of wonderfully gifted theatre folk who I'm pleased to call friends mostly here in New York City.

Actors/Artists/Performers: I've recently taken two amazing Viewpoints workshops with the awesome Kim Weild - I wish she could bottle what she has - theatre would be the richer for it! Check out her website and do anything you can to get on one of her workshops.

Back home in London is the base for my good friend and inspiration Angela Decastro, known to New York for her appearance alongside Slava in Snowshow a few years back. If you're ever in the same city and she's giving a workshop.... Check out catch her reading the water if you get a chance - it is wondrful!

michael davis and marta here soon

Dzieci, if you haven't seen Fool's Mass - see it:

And if you need help with your show-reel or website then talk to Chris McGuire at he has a really helpful 'can-do' attitude and knows his stuff.
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